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How might custom burger boxes help your business expand?
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How might custom burger boxes help your business expand?
Everyone ought to be able to enjoy burgers. Burgers will remain as fresh as possible in custom boxes from Halcon Packaging.

Everyone ought to be able to enjoy burgers. Burgers will remain as fresh as possible in custom boxes from Halcon Packaging. The ease of transporting your hamburgers in our personalized boxes will be valued by your consumers. We also make it simple to hold burgers, fries, salad, soda, cans, and ketchup sachets all at once thanks to our innovative design.


Our boxes are constructed from environmentally friendly, sustainable bamboo pulp paperboard and are food-safe. Thus, the packaging has a built-in ability to withstand odor and bacteria. Burgers will stay tender and fresh as a result for hours after they are packaged.


Branding your fast food restaurant by utilizing the Burger Box

The ideal place to get burgers is one we'll reveal to you. Promotional Custom burger boxes are an effective tool for brand marketing for restaurants, takeout, and eateries. Burgers, fries, sodas, and dips are all contained in a box with a central tray. The outside of the cardboard can also be printed with the restaurant's contact details, taglines, or slogans along with your company's logo or custom artwork.


So for restaurant owners who wish to exhibit their burgers in flair, our premium bespoke burger boxes are the ideal choice. This boxed hamburger will undoubtedly impress your guests and family.


We provide branded packaging to promote takeout sales and ensure that your logo and artwork accurately reflect your brand identity. By using distinctive packaging that draws customers as they move down the line and helps to drive sales, your food chain will stand out from the competition.


Our burger boxes, which are made to match your brand, are the ideal way to preserve your hamburgers. They are created based on your requirements. They thus provide your customers with a superior takeaway experience.


Due to its sustainability, our packaging solution enables consumers to eat their burgers on the go. Our flexible, adaptable, and lightweight food-safe packaging is designed to be portable.


Our new burger container is made of food-grade cardboard. This box is sealed even when folded. Burgers will remain crisp and fresh longer than permitted by food packaging guidelines.


They are very organic, hygienic, reusable, and environmentally friendly, which are all advantages of food-grade cardboard boxes. The containers have windows so that you can present your best work while also fitting meals for children. We provide hamburger boxes with bespoke printing.


Customizable hamburger boxes

Our specially created packaging will showcase your brand. We can meet all of your needs, no matter how straightforward or intricate, basic or remarkable. Use graphics to draw attention to your boxes, such as your logo, tagline, image, slogans, artwork, or marketing message.  


You can make your hamburger boxes distinctive because boxes not only come in a variety of kinds but also offer countless personalization choices. You might use these cardboard boxes with handles to construct huge hamburgers, for instance. Make your burgers the height of fashion with our bespoke food packaging.


Fresh lettuce, maize, cheese, tomatoes, olives, onions, and other delectables are now visible through windows in custom fast-food boxes. By using our personalized burger box, you can elevate your gourmet burgers to a new level.


There is no minimum order quantity required to purchase bespoke burger boxes from us.

Burger boxes are a need for eateries and food trucks that offer hamburgers. At EliteCustomBoxes, we take great satisfaction in offering the lowest rates and quickest turnaround times on bespoke burger containers.


There is no requirement for minimum order quantities. We all agree that having burgers with friends is the best kind of pleasure. By using these boxes with your company's logo and artwork, you may do that while drawing attention to your restaurant.


Your business can thrive with custom burger boxes.

Burgers are savory food that people adore for their flavor and they are a favorite among consumers. Both children and adults like burgers, whether they are chicken patty or zinger. Currently, restaurants provide a variety of burgers to accommodate a wide range of palates.


The colors utilized have a general calming effect on the human senses as a result of the design of the boxes, the logo, size, forms, and lamination.


When a new burger brand is well-packaged, more people are likely to try it. There are four key aspects that you must take into account to make a box appear amazing.  


Boxes for cardboard hamburgers can be manufactured in any shape.

In terms of flavor and preparation, a rectangle burger is just as good as a round burger. Burger operators are free to choose their shape; they are not required to use cardboard burger boxes.


People are drawn to the shapes of boxes and use them to make unusual-looking boxes. At Halcon Packaging, we have experience creating creative packaging that can help the client establish their brand identity. For the packaging of their products, our clients can select from a range of eco-friendly materials.


color combination for Kraft hamburger boxes

Kraft burger boxes' appeal can be increased by using a pleasing color scheme. Colors used in packaging typically go well with logo colors, but the client is free to make that decision. He or she is free to request that the packaging be colored whichever they choose.


A skilled team of professionals with experience making boxes for edibles makes the boxes for the clients of Halcon Packaging. They are qualified to produce custom burger box packaging since they are familiar with customer behavior and market trends.


Burger boxes with optional branding

Both printing and embossing of the logo look fantastic if the custom burger boxes' artwork is fantastic. An embossed logo raises the product's worth by displaying the brand's investment.


If the customer selects the embossed logo option, they will receive eye-catching boxes with the brand embossed and the artwork created by the pros at Halcon Packaging. Halcon Packaging, which has been in this industry for a long time, is an expert packaging partner when it comes to producing eye-catching burger boxes.

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